"Nirvana reunites for 12-12-12 concert. Paul McCartney will be filling in for Kurt Cobain." When I heard this yesterday, my first reaction was "Huh? WTF?!?!"Then I thought about it. Yeah, Sir Paul is 70, but have you heard "Helter Skelter"? Paul was singing like Kurt Cobain when Kurt was still a piece of DNA in his Grandpa's shorts.

Did he pull it off? C'mon! Sir Paul was a Beatle! He had John Lennon on speed-dial! He TORE IT UP! Check out "Cut Me Some Slack", a new song from Grohl's 'Sound City' documentary. Definitely the highlight of the show IMHO...

Nirvana w/ Paul McCartney "Cut Me Some Slack"

Paul McCartney "I Got a Feeling"

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