Good to see that even in today's awful work climate, there are plenty of office workers who are still firmly devoted to beating the system. Literally. According to a new survey, 13% of office workers say that if they really wanted their company to replace their old computer with a new one, they think the quickest way to make it happen would be . . . SMASHING their computer.

7% of people would try buying parts and upgrading their computer themselves.4% would put in a request saying they needed a computer to be set up for a new co-worker, and hope no one realized it wasn't true. And 20% said they'd take their computer to a store and trade it in for a new one . . . THEN tell their boss or the I.T. department about it. Added up, that means almost HALF of workers think that the best way to get a new computer at work is by taking care of things on their own. Only 37% of people said they'd go about things by the book . . . filing a request with their manager demonstrating why they need a new machine and how much it would improve their work.