I have lived in a lot of places in my life and every city has different driving habits. From what I have observed:

- Dallas drivers think they are on a NASCAR track and have to be first
- Phoenix drivers are angry
- Montgomery, AL drivers don't stop at stop signs
- Los Angeles drivers employ the "rolling-stop"
- Shreveport/Bossier City drivers are friendly, but can't stay in their lane

Then there is Japan. Check this out, how would you like to be the person who started a chain-reaction accident that claimed:
- 8 Ferrari's
- 3 Mercedes'
- 1 Lamborghini
- 1 Nissan Skyline
- 1 Toyota Prius

Well, that is exactly what happened on the freeway heading to Hiroshima in Japan. According to Jalopnik, that is exactly what happened when a Ferrari driver was in the wrong place at the wrong time when he "hit the median and created a reaction that caused the other cars in the lineup to crash."  Here is a Japanese report of the carnage:

While no one was seriously hurt, this accident now goes down as the most expensive car accident in Japanese history. It also closed down the freeway for 6 hours, while they cleaned up the mess.

I am sure the insurance companies are going to have a field day with the drivers on this one. Just be glad it isn't you.