Summer in Louisiana sucks. It's hot as hell, mosquitoes the size of Buicks are all over the place, it's just miserable. But there are somethings that you can buy to make summer at least some what tolerable. So, here is my list of essential items to survive a Louisiana summer. They may not help with the bugs or heat, but at the very least, it will help you forget. 

Bottle of Rum

Again this won't kill the mosquitoes or make the heat more bearable, but a good bottle of rum is not only a summer time staple but will help you forget that you even live in Louisiana. A bottle of Bacardi is passable in a pinch but you should really go for something a little better than that. I suggest Cockspur 12, Appleton, or Vizcaya VXOP Cask 21.

Linen Shirts

I know helping pick out your wardrobe isn't very manly, but Linen shirts are a must for summer. They are lighter than cotton, which means that you stay cooler and your skin breathes better. Which will take a little sting out of those 102 degree summer afternoons.

A Hammock

This goes hand in hand with items 1 & 2. Because what is better on hot summer day than stretching out in a hammock in the shade, with a nice tall glass of rum, while wearing your cool linen shirt.


Summer or not, every man needs a good grill. While you're outside hanging with friends, you need some good grub in your belly. Nowadays, you can pick up a pretty damn good grill (Gas or Charcoal) for $100 or less. Webber makes solid, cheap grills that you stick on your apartment patio or in your backyard.

Large Ice Cube Tray

This one is a no brainer because: summer. You need your drinks to be cold, but not water-y. Wanna turn a glass with some whiskey, bitters, and a bit of sugar into a true Old Fashioned? Put a big chunk of ice in it. The larger size slows the dilution rate, allowing your drink - whether a homemade lemonade or high ball - to change over time.