If we are being honest with ourselves, we probably waste a good 30-40 percent of our work day goofing off. The boss can get as pissed as he wants to, but it is what it is. The thing that bothers me isn't that we waste time, but how we waste it. Why waste your perfectly good goof off time on something boring like Facebook games when you can do something fun?

Here are some of the things I like to do to kill time at work.

Oregon Trail

You might remember this game from Middle School. Well, guess what? It's still pretty amusing and is a great way to kill a couple of hours. Thanks to the site Virtual Apple II, not only can you play Oregon Trail, but they also have other great Oldies like Leisure Suit Larry and War In Middle Earth.There is also another website where you can play the original Doom Trilogy in its entirety!

Classic Gameboy

Remember growing up when you'd spend all day playing Pokemon or Tetris or something like that? Well, now, you can do that again at work! The website playR, has all the Gameboy games you know and love as well as some that you probably don't. Again its free of charge and way better than Farmville.


Now, this is a game created right here in office 420 at the 99X Studios. Basically all you need is a soft stress ball and a pitching wedge. The rules are simple, it's a two man game where one guy works the blade and the other is on ball duty. The golfer hits the ball to the receiver, who catches the ball and rolls back to the hitter. The goal is to get the highest number cycles (hit, catch, return). This game is great in an office with multiple people trying to kill time. Be looking for an instructional video soon.

Internet TV Provider

Whether you go with Amazon Prime, Hulu or Netflix, TV is a GREAT way to kill a huge chunk of time at work. Personally, I enjoy watching 'Private Parts' and Office Space at work, but that's just me.


Lunch, whether you leave the office or not, is the PERFECT time to really waste the day constructively. You can go to bar and shoot pool. Shut your office door and take a nap. Really, the possibilities are endless. It's an hour + of your day that you can waste how you want! Go stuff your face or play arcade games at the mall. Go to the driving range or go to Denny's...the choice is up to you.