In a new survey, 91% of women said that if it came down to it, they'd marry for LOVE over MONEY. But there's a catch.



--If a guy is unemployed . . . yeah, then his money is an issue.



--Because while nine out of 10 women would marry for love, you've gotta have at least SOME prospects. Three out of four women said that even if they loved an unemployed guy, they'd have trouble marrying him.



--And 65% of women say that they'd feel uncomfortable getting married if THEY were unemployed.



--The survey also found that 32% of women say they make more money than their partner. 41% say they wouldn't marry someone who makes, quote, "significantly less" money than them.



--And 55% of women would give up their career to raise a family if their partner could fully support the family.



--So to review: 91% of women would marry for love over money. Unless you're unemployed. Or you make a lot less than them. Or they want to quit their jobs to raise a family. It's almost as if that 91% didn't fully think out their answer.