Our 20th Birthday Bash is going to be EPIC! And even though I hate the way people use the word epic, I can't think of another word that could even been to describe this event. All That Remains, The Pretty Reckless, Joan Jett and the GOTTDAM Blackhearts and Heaven's Basement are going to be providing the soundtrack to one hell of an evening of fun and debauchery. But I know a lot of you will look at that line up and go, well 3 of those bands are awesome but who the hell are Heaven's Basement? Well, I'm here to tell you these guys are a band you definitely need to keep an eye on! 

Heaven's Basement is a relatively new band forming in 2008. But since then, these guys have been making some noise (no pun intended) with their amazing live shows. From what I understand, they are group of dirty English chaps that like to drink, smoke and play LOUD rock and roll...got to love that!

They released their debut album last year called 'Filthy Empire'. If you haven't picked up a copy yet, you should because it is awesome! To introduce you to the band here are some tracks that you just got to check out.