Scott Weiland and his latest band The Wildabouts are on their way to Shreveport for the Smith & Forge Hard Cider Festapalooza II on September 20th, and one of the questions we keep hearing over and over is "Aren't you afraid Weiland is going to flake out? He's got drug problems, you know...what if melts down on stage? Or Worse, what if he doesn't show up?"

Scott answers those questions in a recent interview with News 1130 in Toronto,

"Past demons are past demons. That's stuff with I dealt with, like, 14 years ago. I guess Keith Richards gets asked about it, so why shouldn't I? But it's not something I think about ever – those days of my dope abuse and use are long since by me."

He's also got a new band now - The Wildabouts - and with rumors circulating about a possible reunion with Velvet Revolver, he also lets us know what's up with VR, STP, and the new project:

"STP did a lot of exploring from album to album; VR was just a great straightforward rock'n'roll band. Two different entities, two different artistic visions. A lot has changed. I'm quite a bit older but I still want to have a rock'n'roll band, still be viable and still make artistic contributions. It's still possible to have success."

As far as the Wildabouts,

"We're like Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers – I'm the boss but we're a band, and we write as a band. I hope these guys are still with me ten years down the road."

Look for a new album from Scott & The Wildabouts in November, and see them live at Festapalooza II, along with Kevin Martin (of Candlebox) & Friends, Fuel, Avatar, The Charm City Devils, Fozzy, Downfall Rising, and Caroline's Spine. Tickets are available here:


Check out a full show from Scott Weiland & The Wildabouts recorded in Canada (WITH SOME NEW TUNES!):