Here at 99X,   we have a long history with Godsmack - from playing songs from their indy CD 'All Wound Up' before most of the country had heard of them, to their headlining gig at 99X Fest 2012 at CenturyLink Center on April 19th.

Longtime 99X and Godsmack fans will probably remember their first swing through Shreveport (in support of their first major label album), when they played to a sold out Malibu Alley crowd.  You might not have seen the band sign our infamous studio wall, or Sully carefully cutting the "Xs" out of our bumper stickers to put on his guitar...but I'm sure you remember these shots:

Where do I get one of those shirts? Hope to see you at X Fest 2012!  Like to score free tickets?  Click here for details.