Memorial Day weekend is always huge here at 99X, but this year we made it MASSIVE! We have a ton of great shows lined up. We are going to get the party started right, Thursday night, with Framing Hanley. Then on Friday, we have a 99X Low Dough Show with the Charm City Devils. Saturday night at the Warehouse, it's Straight Line Stitch, Our Precious Demise, and Trepid.  Then on Sunday, the world comes to an end, when DOWN takes the Municipal by storm! You can get tickets the Warehouse shows here, and tickets to the Down shows here. To give you a taste of everything that's going on this weekend, here is a little preview of all the bands playing this weekend. Hopefully, you can come rock out with us at some or all these shows! Which ones do you plan on attending? (I know for sure I'll be at the Charm City Devils and DOWN) For this weekend, I suggest buying some coke and a bulletproof vest, you may need it to survive.


Charm City Devils

Straight Line stitch