The #1 song for Novenber is ‘Not Again,’  by Staind. This is the first single officially released for radio play and it has that signature melodic feel that Staind is known for.

Staind‘s, self-titled album takes them back to their roots with music could melt your face.

This album has the deep overdriven guitars and heavy lyrics that echo of 2000′s ‘Dysfunction’ and 2001′s ‘Break the Cycle.’

Aaron Lewis stated that he and guitarist Mike Mushok were barely on speaking terms during the recording. After the recording had finished, long-time drummer Jon Wysocki left the band, he has been replaced by touring drummer Sal Giancarelli.

Staind kicks off the album with their second single ‘Eyes Wide Open,’ which sets the tone of the album. Crunchy guitars, thundering drums and Aaron Lewis’ melodramatic lyrics makes this a great choice for the lead track. This track shows just how Staind went back to their roots.