It's Throwback Thursday and while most people are posting High School selfies and what not, we like to look back at some of the bands that were a part of our history at some point or another. And one band that we LOVED back in the early/mid 90s were The Nixons!

The Nixons were an alternative rock band from Oklahoma. They gained some really big mainstream success after playing shows with the likes of Brother Cane, Soul Asylum, Slash's Snakepit, Kiss, the Toadies and many others.

We have A LOT of fantastic memories with this band. Whether it was our morning show calling Zac at 6 am and waking him up from a drunken slumber or watching the band absolutely destroy at one of our first Rebel Rocker Shows...those guys were always great. So here are some of our favorite Nixons' tunes. Enjoy!