Just in time for Valentine's Day - February 13, to be exact - Buckcherry roll into the CenturyLink Center with Kid Rock! Considering that the name of the upcoming Buckcherry album is "Confessions," it seems like a good time to clean the slate of your Mardi Gras indiscretions and get your heart pure for Valentine's Day.

Step into the 99X Confessional and share your most vile, horrendous, disgusting and, dare we say, lustful sins! We can't absolve you, but we can hook you up with a pair of tickets to the Kid Rock/Buckcherry show, get you backstage to meet Buckcherry and pass along a $50 gift certificate to the Fun Shop Too -- a little something to put you back on the Highway to Hell! 

Don't worry, we won't tell anyone your name, but we will tell your story. We'll post them on the website and let the 99X listeners vote on their favorites. The seven best - or worst - sins scores tickets, meet and greet passes and a gift certificate.

What are you waiting for? Oh yeah, we forgot that sloth is a sin in itself.