See, THIS is why I never do home repairs.

Last week, 70-year-old William Wittman of St. Francis, Wisconsin was remodeling his bathroom and went into the wall to pull out some old insulation. While he was in there, he found . . . A MISSILE. And not just any missile. A LIVE, 20-inch missile from the Korean War era. He and his wife kept their cool, walked the missile outside, and put it in their detached garage. Then, they called the police. The bomb squad came, took the missile away, and safely detonated it at the Department of Public Works. Apparently, the entire town could hear the blast. The Wittmans say that before they owned their home, it was owned by a World War Two veteran. And his sons served in the Korean War. Quote, "[The] neighbors told us they used to bring souvenirs back from the war." They couldn't explain how he safely managed to bring back a live missile, or why he chose to jam it in the wall.