Sunday, I accomplished a lifelong dream of mine.

I was sitting on a sandbar on the river. Drinking some beer and catfishing were the only gameplans I had for the afternoon. The fish were not as cooperative as I would have hoped  so it got boring and hot fairly quickly. As I looked out across the river at the opposing sandbar I thought, "could I make that?" It was a solid 110 yard swim with a mild current and after much deliberation with myself, I went for it. I dove into the water and kicked and swam until my heart was content. I finally reached the shore of Bossier City. It is there that I claimed that land in the name of Gabriel and properly collapsed on the ground like a fish. I laid there for about 10 minutes and looked back at the sandbar in which I came. I mustered up enough strength to go back and when I got to the other side, I had only one thing to say. I said, "Mexicans are tougher than what I give them credit for." Then I collapsed once more and I shall not do that again.