You see these all over the internet, guys have a hard enough time putting themselves out there for marriage proposals, then you get the guy who thinks it is a good idea to propose in front of thousands of people. Last year ended with someone trying it on the Ellen show, which was a good idea, as it is Ellen. What woman doesn't like Ellen and when the audience is full of women, why not use the power of peer pressure.

Then we have this guy...proposing at a UCLA game.

Rules of thumb:
1.) If you propose, make sure she is wanting to get married. (Ladies are pretty good at letting you know that they want to spend their life with you)
2.) Make sure she is into public displays of affection, as being on a microphone and camera is the ultimate public display.
3.) DON'T DO IT AT A SPORTING EVENT!!!! Us guys like the location. Not all women feel the same.

And here is why: