Here's more proof that when it comes to child beauty pageants, there's no one worth rooting for.



--The Universal Royalty Beauty Pageant held the finals of a competition in Melbourne, Australia on Saturday, for children as young as two years old.



--And one mom isn't happy with the outcome. (--And, knowing pageant moms, they're probably all furious . . . except one.) Leonie Myles entered her nine-year-old daughter Tahnee in the competition.



--Tahnee didn't win, but she took home a consolation prize for being named "Best Personality". But Leonie was upset . . . because Tahnee is autistic.



--She said, quote, "I didn't understand why. Tahnee's social skills would not include having the best personality, due to autism."



--Leonie also complained that the pageant was disorganized, and that "Toddlers and Tiaras" star Eden Wood didn't show up to sign autographs, as promised.



--It's not clear whether the pageant organizers knew if Tahnee was autistic, but they stood by the award, and promoter Carmen Powell said, quote, "It's about making the children feel good about themselves, [and] feel worthy."



(Herald Sun)