How do I put this lightly . . . unless you're a model, you probably aren't going to end up dating a model. I know. Devastating.

According to a new study out of the University of California, Berkeley, we've been wrong all along . . . opposites actually DON'T attract.

The researchers at Cal found that people are subconsciously drawn to people who are in their league and their same basic level of attractiveness.

We may fantasize about more attractive people, but when it comes time to actually date, people are surprisingly realistic.

The researchers tested this by analyzing who contacted who on dating sites.

The most popular, attractive users tended to contact other popular users at a higher rate than expected. The same thing happened with less attractive users contacting each other.

The most attractive people seeking each other out was what the researchers expected . . . but they say they were surprised at just how much the less attractive people gravitated toward each other as well.


(Daily Mail)