I almost hate to say this and snap you out of your state of blissful ignorance. But what the hell. SOMEONE might as well tell you eventually.



--A new study has proved that your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, or wife isn't as HOT as you think they are.



--Researchers at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands brought in 70 couples. They took headshot photographs of both people in every couple.



--They had everyone rate their boyfriend or girlfriend's level of attractiveness, and their own level. Then, they had all of the other people go through the headshots and rate the attractiveness of the people in the pictures.



--What did they find? Both men and women consistently rated their significant other's hotness MUCH HIGHER than strangers did. Both men and women also rated THEMSELVES hotter than strangers did.



--But the researchers say this is actually a GOOD THING.



--Other studies have shown that people who are delusional about how hot their partner is generally feel happier, more loving, and more trusting in a relationship.