Guys, Valentine's Day is Thursday. Which, if you have a penis and a significant other, you are scrambling around trying to please your woman -- gifts, diner, flowers...the whole works. It's our time to do our best not to screw and to treat the women we love like queens and treat them like they are suppose to be treated.

But guys, today, we get a little treat of our own from Sports Illustrated. They give us the gift that keeps on giving (no, not herpes. But that's a good guess). They give us the gift that is Kate Upton. And not just Kate Upton, but Kate Upton naked!

This year's SI Swimsuit issue (which hits stores today) features the always gorgeous Kate Upton wearing nothing but a smile and some paint.

You can check out the full spread here. A little preview can be seen below. Guys, this may the closest we ever get to the gates of heaven, so be sure to break out a magnifying glass and enjoy.