Now, I say "Special" not just for the reason of the act of coitus being "special," but rather that the teacher was a Special Ed teacher.

The reports don't say this kid is a special ed student, but the teacher, Jennifer Lynn Woods, 35, did teach at a school that was only for "special needs" kids.  Keep in mind, this could mean one of 2 things:

  1. The student has developmental issues
  2. Other times this is the place they send kids who get into fights or cause trouble at their regular school.

Not sure, but it sounds like if she chose option 1, she took one for the team. However, it's a tough call as to which one would have taken it for the team, considering the photo doesn't really show us if Ms. Woods is an attractive woman sans make-up or of she is just hard to look at from the neck up.

Regardless, Ms. Woods is in a heap of trouble. She is facing 2 charges:

  1. Sex with with underage a minor (underage sex)
  2. oral copulation with a minor.