Who would've guessed that a long-distance relationship entirely over Facebook could end so poorly?

Last September, 50-year-old Cheryl Gray of Livonia, Michigan was playing the Facebook game "Mafia Wars" and started talking with another player, a 35-year-old guy named Wylie Iwan in Kennewick, Washington.

They started talking over Facebook, and eventually started a Facebook romance. They talked for hours and hours a day, Cheryl sent Wylie gifts, and they would regularly say "I love you."

Finally, in March, Cheryl booked a flight to Washington to meet Wylie face-to-face. One week before the trip, he told her he'd met someone else in a bar . . . but she could still totally come visit as a, quote, "friend."

She was DEVASTATED. And now, she's SUING.

Cheryl wants $8,386.88. About $1,000 is from the gifts and the flight, the rest is for the damages caused by Wylie's misrepresentation and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Wylie says it's ridiculous. He says that he never made Cheryl think they were in an exclusive relationship. Plus, after he told her about the other woman, she started a Facebook HATE GROUP to write nasty things about him.

He also says that Cheryl misrepresented herself: She told him she was 42, not 50. There's no word on if or when this could go to court.

(Seattle Times)