If you have awful neighbors who don't seem to understand the concept of coexisting with the people around them . . . Gary Bukaty feels your pain.



--Gary lives in Bonner Springs, Kansas (--20 miles west of Kansas City). Almost every day for the past two years, someone in the neighborhood has left empty iced tea bottles in his yard. Each afternoon, a car would slow down, toss a bottle, then speed off.



--Gary finally decided to do something about it. He waited by the window and took photos of the person throwing the bottles. That person ended up being Carole Green, who lives two miles away from Gary



--Each afternoon, as she drove home in her SUV, she would drink an iced tea. She had nothing against Gary . . . it just so happened that she always finished the drink just as she was passing Gary's house.



--Gary caught Carole on camera four days in a row, then took the evidence to the authorities. Last Friday, she was charged with four counts of misdemeanor littering and charged $250 for each offense . . . for a total of $1,000.



--Carole owes about $1,160, including court costs, but she can reduce her fine with community service.