Alcohol-infused ice cream could soon be the buzz in Louisiana. Last week, a House committee passed a bill that would make frozen alcoholic treats available to adults over the age of 21. However, lawmakers want to ensure the measure, which has been tabled two previous times, does not allow the product to fall in the hands of minors.

Typically, alcohol-infused items are considered unadulterated foods, which are not usually approved by the state. However, the state has made exemptions for desert favorites like bonbons and fruitcakes, which rests on the same wing lawmakers are using to get alcoholic ice cream in the hands of consumers.

None of these items pose any real threat of immediate intoxication, as the alcohol content in products like Buzz Bars is somewhere between 0.65 percent and 2.81 percent, which is considerably lower than the average beer.

The bill was approved without incident, and now moves to the full Senate for consideration. If the measure is passed, patrons will be able to purchase ice cream infused with wine, whiskey, lemon vodka, bourbon, rum and cognac… going by names like Cherry Merlot, Blitzed Berry and Vanilla Daze.