So, Jerry Cantrell said they were back in the studio, but they had no release date for a new album.

Keep in mind, there Black Gives Way To Blue took the band 14 years to make, since they had to get over the dissolution of the band, the death of Layne Staley, all the while Jerry Cantrell doing his solo material and the band was able to do a few reunion shows with addition of William Duval. That album alone had a lot of pressure for the band to make a true Alice In Chains comeback. All the while they were recording, Jerry Cantrell kept saying that nothing was confirmed, there was no release date. Then BANG! We get Black Give Way to Blue an amazing display of what AIC was all about and introduced a more contiguous sound, hell they even got a Grammy nod for "A Looking In View".

Just 2 weeks ago, the word leaked out that AIC was back in the studio and in typical Jerry Cantrell style, he downplayed their time in the studio by telling that they were working on a new album, but had no clue when the album would be done...see a pattern here?

Enjoy and get ready for AIC in 2012: