“A cloud is my home/ Only some get in/ Got a ‘maginary friend”. At first glance, it could be something right off of "Mr. Rogers Neighborhood". Stick with it for a few more lines, though, and things get more interesting: “The devil put dinosaurs here/ Jesus don’t like a queer”. Now you know the real origin of those lyrics - yes, it’s from “The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here,” the title track from Alice In Chains‘ fifth studio album released earlier this year.

Anti-religious? Or anti-gay? AIC guitarist/songwriter Jerry Cantrell says "neither".
In an interview with Radio.com, Cantrell says,

“I didn’t really sit down with a thought in mind to write some anti-religious rant. You soak stuff up and you spit it back, you turn a mirror on it and you reflect it back … Some of the most horrible things [people do] are done in the name of what you believe in and saying that someone believes something different. Somehow it’s sanctioned in your religious beliefs to kill somebody because they believe something else. That’s straight f***ed up man.”

Check out the rest of the interview with Cantrell, and AIC drummer Sean Kinney here:

And before you leave, check out a preview of the video for "The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here":