I'm sitting at home last Saturday -  debating on whether I'm motivated enough to drag myself to the Filter show at the Warehouse - when I get a text from my friend Clint...

Clint: Hey.  What ya doin?

Me: Thinking about checking out Filter tonite.  What's up with you?

Clint: I'm in Thackerville, Oklahoma.

Me: Where?  Thackerville, Oklahoma?!?!?  WTF are you doing in Thackerville, Oklahoma?!?!

Clint: Ah...Alice In Chains is playing here tonight.  An unplugged show. Thought I'd come and check it out...

After an almost 10 month vacation from touring, Alice In Chains decides to play Thackerville, Oklahoma?  Well, as it turns out, Jerry Cantrell is from the neighborhood...so, when the casino came waving some cash, I guess Jerry thought "Oh what the hell.  I'm not doing anything right now. Besides working on a new Alice In Chains album.  Sure we'll do it"

I still haven't forgiven Clint for not inviting me along - NOT EVEN TELLING ME ABOUT THE SHOW until he was already there - but at least there's video: