If you missed the story, Alicia Lynch, a woman from Michigan, dressed as a Boston Marathon bombing victim for Halloween and uploaded a photo to her Twitter account. As soon as the photo posted, people across the country started pounding her (not in the good way) relentlessly, going as far as making death threats to her and her parents. 

A tasteless costume? Yes. Worthy of death threats? No. That's ridiculous. She's 22 years old. Anyone who says they didn't make stupid mistakes at 22 is lying. And should be put to death. I kid, I kid!

Not only did Alicia receive death threats, but she was fired from her job (Alicia, hit us up -- we'll put you on the air. Tomorrow. Seriously. Call us!). People also started digging up dirt on her, including finding some nude selfies she posted on her Tumblr page, which has since been suspended.

But the Internet always remembers.