We're all for sexy Twitter pictures, so when actress Alison Pill tweeted out a topless photo of herself last year we definitely looked. And then looked again to make sure it really was her.

Appearing on Conan on Tuesday (Sept. 3), the actress explained exactly how that notorious photo made it into the Twitter feeds of thousands of followers and then the rest of the Internet shortly after.

Pill admitted that the topless Twitter photo, which has her laying on a bed topless wearing giant glasses, was purposely taken, but accidentally tweeted.

"It's a fascinating story involving not knowing that my new BlackBerry had a touch screen and responding to somebody on Twitter," she told Conan.

So, technical difficulties, then? Not as hot as we were hoping for.

You can check out the "Newsroom" actress' interview about her accidental nude tweet with Conan O'Brien below, and the uncensored, NSFW nude tweet here.