Last month, two hikers found a huge bald eagle that'd been drilled by a car a few hours south of Portland, Oregon. They took it to a vet named Jeff Cooney in the nearby town of Bend, he's been going above and beyond to fix the bird ever since.

He renamed the bird 'Patriot', and it's got a laundry list of problems that require physical therapy: A broken right wing . . . a paralyzed right leg . . . a dislocated shoulder, elbow, and wrist . . . and a lot of weight loss.

And last week, while he was under anesthesia during one of his therapy sessions, Patriot stopped breathing.

That's when Jeff stepped it up and performed MOUTH-TO-BEAK resuscitation. Patriot survived, and the photo and video of the resuscitation are pretty cool. You can actually see Patriot puff up when Jeff blows into his lungs.