Anna Kendrick Stars in the Best Super Bowl Beer Commercial You'll Never See. Because it's more like the behind-the-scenes look at not making a commercial that might have been in the Super Bowl, but it was never made, so it won't be. What?

With a $4 million price tag on a Superbowl commercial this year (and that doesn't include the price of talent/actors and production of said commercial), not just anyone can pimp their product on the Big Game. And according to this anti-commercial, one of my favorite beers - Newcastle - happens to be one of the products. Much to the chagrin of uber-hot actress Anna Kendrick, who's in the commercial. No, wait -- there is no commercial, so she's not in the commercial. That one that doesn't exist.

Confused yet? Watch the "commercial" and all will become clear. But all you really need to know is that Anna Kendrick is HOT. And Newcastle is a damn fine beer.

And just for poops and smiles, more fine Newcastle commercial madness. You're welcome.

Damn, I'm thirsty...