Louisiana drivers may soon need to learn the French language to get around the southern highways. That’s because earlier last week, Governor Bobby Jindal indicated that he would sign a law allowing parishes to post bilingual traffic signs like “Stop-Arret” along state roadways.

Interestingly, previous drafts of this measure received no support from the Jindal because, well, let’s face it – signs scrawled in “Louisiana French” is the last thing residents care about. However, Democrat Stephen Ortego pleaded with the governor this time around to give the mesurer his consideration.

"My grandparents used to speak French in the schoolyard, hidden behind trees, because they didn't want the teachers to hear," said Ortego. "It's really shameful and unfortunate. But we are at a moment where it's becoming a right for children to have a bilingual education.”

The bill must now go before Governor Jindal for either a signature or veto. If he decides to make it law, motorists could see signs in parishes pointing towards "La Nouvelle Orleans."