It's Thursday. Which, if you're a hip cat that keeps up with all the modern day lingo, means today is Throwback Thursday. And Avenged Sevenfold has a pretty awesome throwback for today. Recently, Avenged did a deluxe re-release of their 2003 album 'Waking The Fallen,' which was a MAJOR milestone for the band.

This record was the first to feature guitarist Synyster Gates and bassist Johnny Christ as full-time members, and its last independent release before signing a major deal with Warner Bros. Records. This was also the first album they released that reached 'gold record' status, and launched them into the next level of their musical career.

So to celebrate this major milestone, A7X has released the original cut of the music video for their song 'Unholy Confessions'. Which is VERY different for the 'official' video which was released at the time. So, enjoy the video and happy Throwback Thursday!

*ADDED BONUS* Check out the YouTube comments which say things like 'Oh how the mighty have fallen. A7X used to be so good.' This track is from their second album DUMBASS! If you go back too much farther from this point, the band didn't even exist yet!