So yesterday I told you about my extensive band t-shirt collection, and that I've worn a different regional band's tee every day this week. I wanna see how long it takes me to go through each one of em. I have two groups: Group 1 consists of "guy-style" shirts...but the ones in the photo are ones that fit O.K. Group 2 is made up of the "girl-style" shirts or tank tops...those are the ones I like the best. But you can see that there are far fewer of those. The next photo is of the tees I've worn so far this week...and the last one is the winner of the "Loud Like Leisure Shirt"! That means the guys need to start getting out again and playing more. ; )

You can weigh in on whose shirt I wear next! Just post your comment and I'll make my selection. Oh, this collection may grow in the next several weeks. So I'll be sure to post pics of any new shirts I get, so they can go into the rotation, too.

Don't see YOUR band's shirt in the group? That means you either didn't have one available last time I saw you...or you haven't given me one yet. Let's make that happen! : )

-- Jade (host of Homegrown, our local rock show, Sunday nights from 8-9)