Boomtown's Belt It Out Karaoke Contest takes place every Wednesday night through May 25th, and I was there last night as one of the judges.

It's a great chance for those of you who rock out at karaoke, but don't have a band. The nightly winner gets $200 and grand prize is a $5500 recording session at Blade Studios.

It was a close competition with only two singers getting gonged. Yes, I got to gong two people for being absolutely terrible singers.

I don't regret the gongs, I regret that the individuals had to have known that they would have been gonged and therefore keeping someone who could have won, from winning.

Okay, I feel kind of bad that one of the gonged singers was an older woman in a wheelchair, but not as bad as her singing. She was TERRIBLE!

Congrats to Justin on winning $200 in the contest after singing a killer rendition of "Don't Stop Belivin'." I wish I could has that I had video of his amazing performance, but I don't.  What I do have, is video of two male karaoke backup dancers that totally upstaged the woman singing (bad form, but hilarious) who was not even part of the contest!

I wish I would have gotten the dancers names, but such is life. Here is the video for you to enjoy!