Guys, let's be honest, we all do it. It can be embarrassing, but get over it, admit it, we all do. And if you say you don't, you are a liar. But to get through all the embarrassment of getting caught watching porn, I think that I have found a way to not get caught by your wife/girlfriend, roommate or Mother (for you losers who still live with your Mom)...Watch the news. Ya, watch the news.

Sure the news may be all about death, politics and sadness. But check out the news anchors...for me its all about Robin Meade on CNN HLN.











Sorry for the diversion.

So how do you not get caught? Get a DVR or TiVO and record the news (yes, for the technical retards, you can use a VCR). Then watch it at your (p)leasure. This way, when you have to excuse yourself to go to the bathroom or your Mom walks in, no one will be the wiser. You look like you are getting proactive about politics, news, etc. and you are just merely holding your Junk like Al Bundy. In reality, you are thinking about that anchor who is talking directly to you...and she ain't about the news, BTW.

So who are some anchors you can put your eyes on?

1.) As I mentioned earlier, Robin Meade from CNN HLN. She used to be a lot more modestly dressed. Thankfully, not any more. This video is just her reading the news. Note, she is not wearing a support bra and there is a nice shot of her gams and her caboose.

2.) Megan Kelley, of Fox News. And this isn't just her at an anchor desk. This has a great montage of her photo shoot from GQ spread:

3.) Melissa Theuriau. You probably have no clue who she is, but if you have been anywhere on the internet, you have seen her face on those web-scam ads that tell you "this news anchor can't believe what she is reading about Acia berries" or whatever product is it. Well she is a French TV anchor and there is a LOT of video and a bunch of pics out there on this woman, including topless shots of her on a nude beach. (hint go to Google, turn off the safe search, they come right up)

Now, let's bring this a little closer to home. Who in the local TV biz is worth the Pause and Toss? Quite frankly, there are a few, but the crappy cameras, bad audio and the Goodwill clothes they wear on camera, doesn't make them Pause and Toss worthy.

However: Let's at least give honorable mention to the ladies who give us the news here in the Ark-La-Tex
#3 Alexandra Cranford:I wonder if Channel 6 likes her. If you Google  Alexandra, you will find some smokin' hot pics of her at her previous TV station...So this pic of her from KTBS is not a good representation.










#2 Chrissi Coile: KTBS really needs to treat the women on TV better than this. Chrissi seems nice, not one I would P&T for, but I she has potential.










#1 Summer Knowles: KSLA found a good one here. Even her staff mug-shot is hot. She is from Florida, so that is part of her appeal. I think we have at least 1 local Pause and Toss moment and Summer is that one. Just make sure you get (it) up before 7am.