A friend that IS REALLY into Halloween once told me, "The ideal costume is cool...but it also has a soul". I'm not exactly sure what he meant, but I think it means that a truly great costume isn't something that you buy in a bag. A truly great costume has to begin with an idea, pondered upon, and tediously created. It will have more personal meaning for you, and everyone else will be not only be impressed with your idea, but the time and creativity that went into the finished product.  Me? Not so much. I'm just going to spill beer and food on it anyway. For me, rentals are the way to go. Someone has already taken the time to do all the thinking and work for me, and I don't have to worry about what I'm going to do with a Wooly Mammoth costume when Halloween is over. Unfortunately, there's only one place to rent costumes in Shreveport, so you'll need to rent early. But there are places to snag a decent costume at a reasonable price. Wait 'til the last minute though, you're getting a costume in a bag. Or maybe your costume will be a bag. So shop now, at one of my Top 5 Places in Shreveport to Get Halloween costumes.

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    You want a head of lettuce? They have that at Wal-Mart. A kitchen table? They have that at Wal-Mart. A set of tires? A 55-inch TV? Hemorrhoid cream? They’ve got all that at Wal-Mart. As a matter of fact, it’s hard to think of something you CAN’T get at Wal-Mart. Halloween costumes included. As a matter of fact, I think they started stocking Halloween costumes at Wal-Mart the day after Easter. And it’s where you’ll find the cheapest costumes in town, too, with some ready-to-wear costumes as low as $15 (the Jack Sparrow costume below goes for around $25).


    Beware though, with cheap costumes, you get what you pay for – it’s almost guaranteed that your buy-in-a-bag Batman costume will look nothing like the picture on the package. Not to say you can’t get a good costume at Wally World. They all have rental-quality costumes available, like the Stormtrooper outfit pictured. It’ll set you back about $700, and you’ll probably have to get it online, not at your local store. And unless you’ll be marching off to Alderon after Halloween, $700 is a bit pricey for a costume you’ll probably wear once, maybe twice.

    Between you and me, Wal-Mart can also be a great place to get costume ideas. Just wander through the store for an hour (or just watch the video below) – you’ll be rewarded with a plethora of hilarious costume ideas. And once you’ve decided, a lap through their clothing aisles will get you everything you need. At Wal-Mart’s great ‘Everyday Low Prices”.


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    Fun Shop Too


    9434 Mansfield Road

    Shreveport, Louisiana (LA) 71118

    Phone: (318)688-2482


    Yes, the Fun Shop Too is an adult novelty store. Yes, the Fun Shop Too offers more than 8,000 unique adult products - vibrators, novelties, lubricants, massage oils, videos, and much more. But, the Fun Shop is not just an adult shop...they also offer a HUGE selection of costumes year round. And rentals are available. One thing they don't have is a web site, so if you want to get a look at their selection, you'll have to drop by the store. Make the trip soon, because the good rentals go fast.

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    Spirit Halloween


    One Mile East of Wal-Mart

    2260 East Bert Kouns Expressway

    Shreveport, LA 71105

    Phone: 318-797-7335


    Spirit Halloween was the original 'chain' Halloween store in Shreveport.  In a nutshell, their  specialty retail stores are the most comprehensive one-stop destinations for everything shoppers can imagine for Halloween. With a massive  merchandise assortment and a great visual presentation, Spirit stores provide an impressive, unique and unforgettable shopping experience. In addition to being a fun and interactive event for shoppers, the locations offer complete selections of costumes and accessories for infants/toddlers, children, 'tweens, teens and adults. A broad assortment of Décor and party goods complete the Halloween story. A large portion of the selection is exclusive merchandise found only at Spirit Halloween - definitely check out their Halloween resource page before you shop.  Click on the pics to check out their most frequently browsed costume categories:



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    Halloween Express



    former Linens N Things

    7081 Youree Dr.

    Shreveport, LA 71105



    In business since 1990, Halloween Express is one of the most aggressive and dynamic Halloween costume and costume accessory chains in the United States. And this Halloween, we have a Halloween Express store here in Shreveport.  By leveraging the combined buying power of their year-round Internet operation and seasonal Halloween costume and costume accessory retail locations, they're able to offer the absolute largest selection of Halloween costumes and costume accessories you'll find anywhere. Like other chain stores, you'll find much more on-line than in the physical store.  If you don't trust on-line shopping - be it size concerns, or the fear of the costume not looking like the picture on-line, Halloween Express has the largest in-store selection I've seen in town.  If you don't fear the Internet,  take a few minutes to browse their site, we think you'll  see why Halloween Express is without question, the Halloween costume authority.  Click on the pics to see some of their top selling masks this year:



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    Your Dad's Closet

    The economy is in the crapper, and buying ANY costume this year could stretch your budget. And face it, given the choice between a decent bottle of booze, and one of the cheaper, shabby looking costumes - the booze wins every time. So, it's back to the oldest, most reliable costume shop in town. Your Dad's closet. No, there's no such store...I'm literally talking about your Dad's closet. And why not? How many times have you seen him dressed for a night out and said, "I didn't know it was Halloween."


    Take our man Puff here (Figure A). A quick shave, Dad's tweed jacket, and a bow tie (bow ties are cool)...voila! THE DOCTOR!!! (Figure B)     "Doctor? Dr. who?", you say? Exactly!



    *Closet may or may not contain Tardis and/or Sonic Screwdriver