While we wait for Portishead to collectively “clear their schedules” and make time to record their new album, Beth Gibbons has kept busy by teasing a new solo LP and teaming up for the most unlikely collaborations. If you've ever heard Portishead, you know they're the farthest thing from Black Sabbath since...well, since Tori Amos. And this unholy melding of genres probably wouldn't have worked out as well if Beth had recorded it with her trip-hop psych drone com-padres. But add heavy, sludgy UK band Gonga to the mix, and the result is unequivocally...creepy. And pretty damned good.

"Black Sabbeth" doesn't stray far musically from Black Sabbath's original "Black Sabbath", but Gibbon's vocals somehow come off as more sinister and menacing than The Prince of F-ing Darkness, which is no small feat. In the word's of Antiquiet,

"She sounds simultaneously like a scary ghost child spirit and the witch responsible for conjuring the scary ghost child spirit."

Maybe Beth's got a future in metal, huh? Add the vintage horror flick visuals to the musical background, and you have the makings of a sleepless night or two. Check it out here: