If you were fortunate enough to see Beware of Darkness (all eight of you) when they played the Warehouse last year, you know how amazing this band is live! I was lucky enough to draw the straw, and had the opportunity to host them in the 99X studio for an interview and a short acoustic set.

This time, the band played a markedly different venue: a trolley car in San Diego.

As you well know, almost any band can record a decent song in the studio (with all the studio tricks and toys [read: auto-tune]). Some more talented acts can sound decent in a live environment, but a good band can ALWAYS pull it off live. But talent really shines when it's just a voice, an acoustic guitar or two and maybe a cajon.

In our studio, with just a guitar, Beware of Darkness' Kyle Nicolaides gave me chills; he's that good. This clip of him singing "All Who Remain," shot on a trolley before a recent show in San Diego, gave me chills again.