Friday night Homegrown Live shows at the Riverside Warehouse are about to get EVEN BETTER!! And I am really digging the benefits for both fans...AND bands!'s what you can expect: No cover! That's right, I said NO COVER! (That excludes nights when a national act is headlining...for example, this Friday night's Rehab show/Halloween party.) You WILL be asked when you come through the door which band you're there to see. Once you're inside, you get to take advantage of some 99-cent drinks...and reduced prices on some other beverages.

Bands...the more people you get through the door, the more you get paid! So promote, promote, promote! And one member of a local band NOT playing that night's showcase will be hired to be the "guest DJ" for cash and drinks. That DJ gets to bring his/her own mp3s and play the music the fans want to hear.

It all starts next Friday, with the River Blindness/Darkside of Daylight/Saints Order/The Agony of I show! Come out and hang with me and the bands -- and enjoy some great music and drink specials. Did I mention...NO COVER??!! See you there!  : )