2014 is a banner year for Blizzard. 20 years ago it introduced the Warcraft franchise to the world and 10 years ago World of Warcraft was released to the public. At it's height the MMORPG had 12 million subscribers playing so odds are you probably know some people who have played this game at one point. Well, those people might be a bit giddy today as Blizzard revealed the cinematic for Warlords of Draenor.

For as long as I can remember Blizzard has produced amazing cinematics. The most current is no exception. They unveiled the newest one today (video from above) to the public. In the most public way possible might I add. They did a live stream from a theater in LA. Those in attendance got to not only see interviews in person, and support their in game faction, but see first hand the new trailer for the popular computer game. Viewers around the world were able to join in on the fun with a live stream.

The biggest highlight is of course the cinematic, but blizzard also revealed they're going to give the back story of some of the big bad guys from the next expansion. They're going to only produce 5 of these "lore" stories. The first features an orc named Kargath Bladefist. His background story is as gritty as something I would expect to see in Sin City.

He probably just needs a hug and some therapy ... lots of therapy.

Anyway, they also talked about other changes are coming to the game but that's all stated in this post.