I'm a tad late on posting these...and I'm sure you've already heard who won Boomtown's Belt It Out! Contest. But humor me, if you will, as I share photos from last Wednesday's competition. First, let me say all the finalists were awesome! And I hope no one went away disappointed with how it all turned out. Here's the run-down...

The finalists (in order of performance): Nate Smith, Joseph Lindsey, Leanne Bridges, Heather Cisco, Desean Watson, Amanda Smith, Kyli (she provided no last name), Scott Holmes and Beaux Atkins.

The judges: Jade (from 99x...that's me!), Ryan (Town Square Media sales professional) and Jay (from K94.5 and other stations!)

Something odd happened to me that night...we judges took turns pulling names from the stack...and the first two names I picked were, in order, the people who won the two times I judged before! Weird!

The winners: Beaux Atkins (first) and Desean Watson (second). And BOTH guys will be doing some recording at Blade Studios very soon. Congrats! Enjoy photos from the contest!