"Breaking Bad" tells the story of Walter White, a chemistry teacher with inoperable lung cancer who starts making and selling meth to make sure his family is cared for after he’s gone. And this scorching cover of the show's theme song tells the story of how awesome TV show themes can sound when they're redone as metal songs.

Taking the TV theme composition to the next level of bad-ass is YouTuber Charlie Parra. In true heavy metal-style, Parra rips through chord progressions and turns a sinister opening into a hardcore masterpiece.

While White may not sport the signature long locks of a rocker, his villainous qualities make this cover a perfect match to his murderous personality.

The critically-acclaimed series became a huge TV hit during its five-season run. Its theme song, originally composed by Dave Porter, perfectly compliments White's development into a criminal.

The piece uses an eerie slide guitar riff to give the feeling of a villainous introduction or a western showdown. We'll just substitute a meth lab for the saloon.

Bossier City Police Arrest Walter White Look-Alike for - You Guessed It - Drug Possession