We aren't sure if 42-year-old James Field of Shreveport looks up to AMC's hit show "Breaking Bad" protagonist Walter White or if this is just a funny coincidence.

Judging from Field's recent booking photo, we'd bet dollars to dime bags that his look was at least a little inspired by Bryan Cranston's portrayal of a high school chemistry teacher turned meth cooker -- from the completely shaved head right down to the glasses and goatee.

According to Bossier police, Field was arrested this week for possession of drug paraphernalia and a schedule II controlled dangerous substance. And before you ask, yes, that long list of drugs does include methamphetamine. However, it wasn't revealed exactly which drug Field was busted with.

Police are on the lookout for Field's partner in crime, who just happens to resemble Jesse Pinkman. Just kidding. We hope.