Let's be honest, Meth is a hell of a drug. And sometimes it really messes with people's head even after they quit and go into rehab...then there is Brian Welch. I lived in Bakersfield, CA for 4 years and during that time Korn dropped by the studio, we dedicated a street to the band all that fun stuff...and this was after Head left the band.

Then about a month later, we get a call from a guy who called himself Brian, who we later learned was Brian "Head" Welch...and he was a nice guy. Not dressed like the Korn member, we all know. He was preaching at the local Baptist Church and wanted to let people know he was back in Bakersfield. He spent the next hour telling of how he got involved with Meth and how he found God, then he went on about how things went south for him in KORN. (and things have not gotten much better, it seems)

Even though Head's life is a little better, but he claims he can't make any money with music...(I wrote while scratching his head). Despite being ranked as one of the Top 30 greatest Metal guitarists of all time (as ranked by Guitar World), his residuals from KORN's music, his books and his speaking tours, he claims he can't make any money from music as he is spreading the Word. (Keep in mind that he is being sued by a former record label and that is a great way to make sure the music guys can't get his music or the money from it). But he did find the time record a new album...a a front man. I have to admit, this pretty damn good stuff.