Oh My God have you seen this girlYou know that girl that you know of you hooked up with one night that you could formally retire from "the game" because you could never do any better? Brooklyn Decker is that girl for me. I recently had the displeasure of watching the movie "Just go with it" with Adam Sandler and that old chick from "Friends". Brooklyn was in the movie and it made the suffering of watching the movie all the more bearable. She is soooo hot, want to touch the hiny, ah-oooooooooohhh- ohhh. Sandler ends up choosing Jennifer Aniston over her and I damn near threw the TV out the window. The writers of that film should be shot by SEAL team 6 because in real life, no man alive would have made that choice. Brooklyn, if one day you ever stumble upon this article just know, I would do crazy things to have intercourse with you.