Caltech . . . in Pasadena, California . . . is more like a brain factory than a school.   With less than 1,000 undergraduate students a year, 31 Nobel Prize winners it has been the breeding ground for some of the best science and engineering minds in the history of America.

It also proves the point that super smart and super coordinated don't go together.  In fact, Caltech doesn't give out athletic scholarships, so anyone who plays on their basketball team has to get into the school the hard way . . . by being a super genius/gigantic nerd.

They have a Division Three basketball team in the Southern California Intercollegiate Athletic Conference, which I've NEVER even heard of. And Caltech holds quite a record.

They had a 26 YEAR, 310 game losing streak in the conference. Their last win against another SCIAC team was January 23rd, 1985. But all that came to an end Tuesday.

On Tuesday night, the Caltech Beavers beat their SCIAC rivals, Occidental College, 46-to-45 in their final game of the season to snap the streak.

But that's not all.  Besides owning the worst CONFERENCE record in history, Caltech is also the NCAA record holder for the worst losing streak in general. In 2007, they snapped a 207-game losing streak by beating Bard College of New York. So stick that in your pocket protector and smoke it!