I think it's safe to say that most of us like to enjoy an alcoholic beverage from time to time, but could your boozy indulgence be ruining your sex life? According to sex therapist, Petra Zebroff, the answer is yes.

According to her studies and research, booze can mess up your sex life in big ways. Here is her list of booze induced sexual short comings: Alcohol depresses your central nervous system (making harder for you to get excited), dehydrates the body (making it harder to get hard), causes fewer erections, delayed ejaculations, vaginal dryness, and makes it harder for the lady in the equation to get off.

That's a pretty rough list (aside from delayed ejaculation, not sure how that's a bad thing).

It seems that her research and scientific study is pretty tough on booze in the bedroom. But what about all the positive aspects of getting liquored up before licking her up? Here's Dr. Puff's List of the Positives of Alcohol:

1. They look better when you're sloshed than when stone cold sober.
2. Alcohol helps you forget their annoying habits .
3. Alcohol dulls your senses and makes for long marathon sessions.
4. A woman is much easier to pick up when they have had too much alcohol.
5. A romp in the hay is much more desirable than conversations.
6. Alcohol tastes good.
7. Alcohol loosens inhibitions, and remembering what happened the night before will be a blur and easily forgotten.