Is there a new mind reading breakthrough?  Scientists say they knew you'd ask that!  Technology may now be available for scientists to read your thoughts.

Fox News reports that a group of neuroscientists at the University of California, Berkeley, say they may have come up with a scientific way to read people’s minds.

The nerds have developed a method for deciphering the electrical signals in a person’s brain as they listen to words or conversation.  They translated the signals, and BAM, they were able to use them to recreate the imagined speech of the same person.

The secret to their method lies in the temporal lobe of the brain, which is used in auditory perception. When a person hears a word or phrase being spoken, the activity that occurs in the temporal lobe also occurs when the person imagines that same word or phrase.

“The area that performs a cognitive or behavioral function is also activated when you imagine that function.  For example, let’s say you raise your right arm.  Then if you imagine raising your right arm, the same areas that were active when you move your arm are working when you imagine it.”

Hmm, I wonder what areas are working when I imagine raising my "little arm"?  This is a great breakthrough, we can now read women's they always thought we could!  We would be able to find out what REALLY turns a woman on, although, I'm sure the dorks at Berkeley have no baseline test for what a woman (without hairy armpits and legs) is thinking when turned on.