SO stoked about tomorrow night's Candlebox/Lions May Cry show at the Riverside Warehouse!  I almost lost it when I found out Candlebox was actually playing there...and on my Homegrown Live night, too!  It makes me want to share my stories about meeting lead vocalist Kevin Martin (twice!)  First time, he was playing in a band called Kevin Martin and the Rockin' Rodeo!  I had just started in radio, was still somewhat new to 99x, and was damn excited to be asked to intro the band.  During the show, Kevin pulled me up on stage, I made an ass out of myself...but it was an amazing experience.

Second time I met him was with Candlebox at The Strand...and I was many months pregnant!  Wish I could find a picture from the was AWESOME!  (Someone around here has GOT to have those pics still...I have some in my photo album at home, but nothing saved on any computer I use regularly.) 

I'm a huge Candlebox, needless to say, I'm super-anxious thinking about tomorrow night.  Will Mr. Martin (or the rest of the band) even remember who I am?  If so, will it be a GOOD thing? Haha!  Whichever way it goes...looking forward to hearing lots of new tunes -- and some of my old favorites.

On another note, a better band couldn't have been chosen to open the show.  Lions May Cry is one of THE BEST local bands...and I look forward to seeing them tour with some big national acts.

Make sure you are at this show tomorrow!! You won't be disappointed!